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Machine Specifications

  • Deck Height: 38″
  • Height to top of safety guard: 57″
  • Depth: 26″
  • Width: 30″
  • Weight: 600 Lbs.
  • Power: 120 VAC. 60 Hz 10 Amp


Full Bone-In, Semi-boneless, Boneless


  • The industry workhorse with the versatility to spiral slicing a wide range of product
  • Fully automatic, just load & unload    
  • Pneumatic powered product chucking and un-chucking  
  • Automatic cycle completion feature allows automatic hands-free operations, a single operator can manage multiple machines simultaneously  
  • Delivers the fluted cut, symbol of quality in a spiral sliced product  
  • Speed and slice quality unsurpassed  
  • Delivers any slice thickness desired Knife tension to the bone infinitely adjustable  
  • Fully sealed  
  • Oil bath reciprocator for continuous duty  
  • Quiet operation  
  • Quick and easy clean-up with the availability to remove panels for deep sanitation  
  • Heavy duty 3” square fully sealed Stainless-Steel chassis with easy to remove panels for thorough cleaning  
  • Industrial-Class Fully machined components not fabricated  

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