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Spiral Slicing is Our Business


The Spiral-Matic automatic ham slicing machine is the choice of industry leaders world wide. Spiral-Matic delivers the fluted cut, the symbol of quality in spiral sliced products.


Performance & Durability

The Spiral-Matic machine stands alone in performance and durability. It is truly an industrial class machine starting with a 3” square sealed chassis and 100 % fully machined components, capable of spiral slicing up to 40 bone-in hams per hour and up to 80 boneless hams per hour. Hands-free operation allows the operator to perform related tasks or manage multiple machines simultaneously, producing greater productivity and profit.

The Spiral-Matic Automatic Ham Slicing Machines are the choice of industry leaders worldwide. 


Full Bone Only


Full Bone-In, Semiboneless & Boneless


Safety Features


Spiral-Matic Corporation maintains a staff of technical support personnel to assist and guide you in the maintenance and repair of the products we manufacture. This staff is available to you at no charge during regular business hours Monday through Friday.

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